When Traveling Is Caring ❤️
When Traveling Is Caring ❤️

When Traveling Is Caring

Taking Part In Nuoi Em Initiative With Orient Charm
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When Traveling Is Caring

Nuoi Em Initiative – Raise The Children

It’s unfortunately quite common for children in Vietnam’s remote mountainous areas to drop out of school because they simply don’t have anything for lunch.

And in response, one young man launched a heart-touching initiative in 2012, intending to improve the lives of children in the rural mountainous areas of Vietnam. With just a small amount of money a sponsor from any part of the world can provide a student with lunch daily. Sponsors can help as many children as they wish, but each child receives support from only one sponsor. Sponsors are updated monthly and can visit & learn how they have contribute in improving the lives of the boy or girl they support.

“Orient Charm is proud to be a part of this amazingly supportive community. For every tour hosted, we will make a small donation and can have you – our beloved travelers registered as a sponsor for these children.”

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Learn More About The Initiative

Vietnamese Rapper Den Vau’s Music Video Promoting The “Nuoi Em” Initiative

In the heart of Vietnam’s remote mountainous regions, a heart-wrenching reality unfolds. Many children, driven by hunger and the lack of a simple meal, are forced to abandon their education. The mere absence of a lunch meal has led countless young souls to drop out of school, leaving behind dreams that might never see the light of day.

However, amidst this bleak backdrop, a beacon of hope shines through. A young man named Hoang Hoa Trung, fueled by compassion and a vision for a brighter future, embarked on a mission to change this narrative.

Recognizing the profound impact of a single meal, Trung initiated a project that offers free lunches to these children, ensuring they remain in school and continue their education. His dedication has been unwavering, and through his efforts, tens of thousands of children have been blessed with nourishing meals, allowing them to focus on their studies and aspire for a better tomorrow.

2009 - 2011
Learning About The Difficulties
Hoang Hoa Trung and his friends travelled often to mountainous schools and began to learn of the difficulties facing teachers and students in remote areas.
2012 - 2013
Start From The Smallest Things
They raised enough money to be able to replace 20 makeshift bamboo classrooms. While doing all this, he found that many students not only live far away but also have nothing for lunch. Many went home at lunch-time and didn’t come back in the afternoon, while many others dropped out altogether.
Early 2014
Leaning Toward Something Bigger
"The team helped build some satellite schools, but many children were still dropping out," Trung said. “Some classes had 20 students in the morning but only four or five remained in the afternoon, because they had nothing for lunch and would just go home. Some would go into the forest looking for fruit. Their parents worked in the fields, and didn’t go home to cook lunch.”
2014 - 2017
Nuoi Em Initiative - Raise The Children Started
Nuoi Em aims to help children in schools in remote areas have a proper lunch so they stay in class for afternoon lessons. With just a small amount of money, around VND 1.5 million a year (Roughly $60), a sponsor can provide a student with lunch every day.
2018 - 2020
Nuoi Em Continues To Grow & Other Projects
The project helped 5,400 children in 2018, then 12,000 in 2019 and 20,000 in 2020. Trung also runs the “Power 2000” project, where small sums are donated every day and many people have worked together to build more than 4,000 satellite schools in remote areas around the country.
2021 - Now
Building Schools & Further Improvements
Since 2019, Trung and his team has rebuilt and newly built numerous school across the country. The Nuoi Em initiative's goal aims to provide support for a total of 100,000 disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Currently there are roughly still 40,000 children without a sponsor in 2023 - 2024
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Every Child Is Unique
Each Child will be given his/her own ID & Profile to make sure the number of children stays true and accurate!
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01 Sponsor For Each Child
For security as well as data privacy reasons, each child will be allowed 01 Sponsor in a given period
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A Sponsor Could Support More Than 01 Child
Nuoi Em Project won’t limit the number of children you can support, so you are more than welcome to provide for more than 01 child!
Join Orient Charm And Create A Better Future
For every Tour hosted, we will be talking a part of the profit to provide support for 01 child. Giving a hand in creating a better future for children!
With Orient Charm Travel

How You Can Be A Part Of Nuoi Em

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Book your dream tour with Orient Charm Travel
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Orient Charm will use a part of the tour profit to sponsor a child for one academic year (9 months)
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Receive information & update of the sponsored child
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Continue supporting the child by booking another tour with us or making a donation (7 USD per child per month)
Visit your sponsored child if you wish to (We will sent images & informations of the child to you after he/she has received the donation)
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And join us create a better place for children!
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