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Top 10 Most Popular Cambodian Food You Need To Try Once

In the rich tapestry of world cuisines, Cambodian gastronomy offers a treasure trove of flavors that often remain unexplored and underestimated. Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia boasts a culinary tradition that is both unique and diverse, capturing the essence of the country’s vibrant culture and profound history. From the bustling food stalls in the streets of Phnom Penh to the rustic kitchens of Siem Reap’s countryside, Cambodian cuisine presents an array of dishes that beguile food enthusiasts around the globe. This gastronomic journey is filled with simmering curries, fresh salads, and hearty stews that reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage and varied geography.

So, tighten your apron, sharpen your cutlery, and prepare your senses as we embark on a culinary expedition to discover the Top 10 Most Popular Cambodian Food that paint a mouthwatering picture of Cambodia’s fascinating cuisine culture.

Background of Cambodian Cuisine

Cambodian cuisine, also known as Khmer cuisine, is a harmonious blend of traditions, cultures, and a variety of fresh local ingredients. As a testament to the region’s cultural history, it is greatly influenced by Thailand, China, and Vietnam yet stands distinct in its flavors and presentations.

  1. Rice, the nation’s staple grain, is served in a variety of forms across meals, and is as versatile as it is essential. It takes the form of fragrant jasmine rice, rice noodles, rice porridge, and even fermented rice wine. Cambodia’s vast coastline and network of freshwater lakes and rivers also contribute to a cuisine rich in fish and seafood, where fermented fish paste, known as prahok, plays a pivotal role in many traditional recipes.
  2. Cambodia’s tropical location bestows it with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, which find their way into various dishes. From the tart tamarind that brightens a traditional soup to the bitter eggplant that provides a counterpoint in a spicy curry, these fresh ingredients add layers of complexity to the cuisine.
  3. But what truly sets Cambodian cuisine apart is the artful balance of flavors. The cuisine has a subtle sophistication, relying on fresh ingredients and herbs rather than heavy spices. Each Cambodian dish aims for a perfect harmony between salty, sweet, sour, and bitter, making every meal a delicately balanced dance of flavors.

Top 10 Most Popular Cambodian Food

1. Amok Trey

Top Cambodian Food 1

Picture yourself unfolding a steaming banana leaf parcel, unveiling a dome of vibrant yellow curd, textured like velvet and exuding an aroma that awakens your senses. Welcome to the joy of Amok Trey! This dish is the star of Cambodian cuisine, a culinary manifestation of the country’s soul. It is as delightful to the eyes as it is to the palate. A tender fillet of river fish, traditionally snakehead or catfish, is smothered in a fragrant, golden curry paste known as kroeung, laden with lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, and kaffir lime. This mixture is then enriched with luscious coconut milk and steamed to perfection.

Each spoonful is a harmony of flavors – the sweet creaminess of coconut milk, the subtle tang of tamarind, and the earthy notes of the kroeung, all harmonizing with the delicate, flaky fish. It’s a dance of flavors and textures that resonates with Cambodia’s rich and diverse heritage.

2. Bai Sach Chrouk

Top Cambodian Food 2

As dawn breaks over the bustling streets of Phnom Penh, there’s one smell in particular that lures the locals out of their homes – the intoxicating aroma of Bai Sach Chrouk. This breakfast staple is not just a dish; it’s a morning ritual. Picture succulent slices of pork, marinated overnight in a blend of garlic, soy sauce, and coconut milk, grilled slowly over warm coals until they achieve a perfect balance of crisp edges and a tender, juicy center.

Each slice of meat is a testament to patience and precision, its flavors amplified by the smoky kisses of the grill. It’s served over a mound of steaming, fragrant rice, with a side of pickled cucumbers and daikon radish adding a much-needed crunch and tang. Each bite is an orchestra of flavors, a perfect melody to start the day.

3. Khmer Red Curry

Top Cambodian Food 3

If there’s one dish that can encapsulate the warm, hearty essence of Cambodian hospitality, it is the Khmer Red Curry. This dish is a celebration, often served during weddings, family gatherings, and religious festivals. As the name suggests, it features a vibrant, fiery red curry, but don’t be fooled – its heat is less aggressive than its Thai cousin, favoring a richer, deeper flavor profile. It’s a carnival of local ingredients – chunks of chicken, eggplant, green beans, and potatoes – all simmered gently in a creamy coconut milk broth, flavored with a blend of Cambodian spices, lemongrass, and kroeung.

The first spoonful welcomes you with the comforting richness of the coconut milk, followed by the earthy flavors of the vegetables, the tender chicken, and finally, the soft, lingering heat from the spices. It’s a culinary journey through the very heart of Cambodia.

4. Kroeung

Top Cambodian Food 4

Imagine the soul of Cambodian cuisine, not a dish in itself, but the aromatic lifeblood that pulses through many. Kroeung is this essence. It’s a hand-pounded paste, an alchemical mix of lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, and shallots, each ingredient releasing its oils and creating a fragrant explosion. It adds a profound depth and an aromatic essence to countless Cambodian dishes. Each addition of Kroeung is like turning a flavor key that unlocks an intense taste and smell, sending your senses on a delicious and exotic exploration.

5. Nom Banh Chok

Top Cambodian Food 5

Morning in Cambodia presents a refreshing delight known as Nom Banh Chok, or “Khmer noodles.” Picture thin rice noodles, hand-rolled and boiled to a perfect al dente, then topped with a ladleful of fish-based green curry. The gravy is a mix of pounded fish and kroeung, with the addition of fresh, leafy green vegetables that are as local as the morning dew. The first bite is a flavor explosion, the tanginess of the curry mingling with the light, springy noodles and the crunch of raw veggies. It’s like welcoming a Cambodian morning with each delightful mouthful.

6. Lap Khmer

Top Cambodian Food 6

The traditional Cambodian salad, Lap Khmer, is a vibrant dish that encapsulates the very spirit of Khmer cuisine. Imagine thin strips of lean beef, ‘cooked’ to perfection in tart lime juice, absorbing its tangy essence. This citrus-infused meat is then tossed with chopped lemongrass, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, and a generous handful of mint leaves, each adding layers of refreshing flavors. A sprinkle of red chili adds a spicy kick, offset by the fresh crunch of green beans. The salad is a tantalizing roller coaster of textures and flavors, each bite more exciting than the last.

7. Kuy Teav

Top Cambodian Food 7

Kuy Teav is more than a dish; it’s a comforting hug in a bowl. Envision a deeply flavorful pork bone broth that has been simmered for hours, absorbing every bit of goodness from the bones. This broth is poured over a bed of soft rice noodles and garnished with tender slices of pork or beef, crunchy bean sprouts, aromatic herbs, and a dash of black pepper. Every spoonful is a comforting melody of textures, the tender meat, the silky noodles, the crunchy sprouts, and the aromatic herbs, all enveloped in a warm, hearty broth that soothes the soul.

8. Lort Cha

Top Cambodian Food 8

A walk through Cambodia’s bustling street food scene would be incomplete without experiencing Lort Cha. Visualize short, fat rice noodles stir-fried on a high flame in a wok with dark soy sauce, marinated beef, and healthy greens. The dish is typically topped with a sunny-side-up egg, its runny yolk adding a creamy richness. The chewy texture of the noodles, the crunch of the greens, the tenderness of the meat, and the silky yolk create a symphony of flavors and textures that is nothing short of a street-side sensation.

9. Prahok

Top Cambodian Food 9

Unveiling Prahok is like revealing the wild, untamed side of Cambodian cuisine. Prahok, a fermented fish paste, boasts a strong, distinct flavor that can be quite surprising for first-timers. However, once accustomed to its boldness, you’ll find it an indispensable component of many local dishes. It adds a salty, savory depth that amplifies other flavors, acting as a unique base note in the melody of Cambodian gastronomy.

10. Chha Kh’nhei

Top Cambodian Food 10

Chha Kh’nhei is a culinary spectacle, both in its preparation and taste. It’s a stir-fry, traditionally made with frog legs, stir-fried in a wok that’s so hot, the ingredients seem to ‘jump’ – thus earning the dish its name. The meat is tossed with lemongrass, ginger, and fiery bird’s eye chilies, along with a dash of magical kroeung paste. The result is a dish that’s tender and crunchy, spicy and aromatic. Every bite of Chha Kh’nhei is an adventure, taking you on a thrilling journey through the streets of Cambodia.


Each of these dishes adds a distinct flavor to Cambodia’s food tourism. Food lovers from all over the world are drawn to the authentic taste and traditional cooking methods, contributing to Cambodia’s international culinary reputation. The country also offers a wide range of culinary tours and cooking classes, inviting visitors to explore the gastronomic landscape deeper.

Whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or a curious foodie, these top 10 Cambodian dishes offer a delicious foray into the country’s vibrant cuisine. Each dish tells a story of its own, reflecting the tradition, culture, and the spirit of Cambodia. So, we encourage you not only to taste but savor these dishes as each flavor unfolds on your palate.

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